DIY Patio Storage Bench

wooden patio storage bench plans

The patio storage bench is the kind of functional benches that is equipped with the hidden box as the storage for your stuffs. This bench is usually made of wooden-materials with special design that will provide the ability to create some sufficient spaces, so you can simply put the garden tools, toys or even cushions in the storage bench or you can also protect some of your patio items in the storage bench for some rainy days. This bench is very suitable to be placed in your patio if you have so many outdoor activities to be done at home.

If you are interesting enough to have the storage bench to be placed in your patio but you might find the prices are quite too expensive, you can just make it by yourself because it will so much cheaper. Firstly, choose the main materials for your patio storage bench, to safe your budget you can purchase some less expensive materials such as plywood or soft wood or you can choose rattan or rubber as the main materials. After you decide the material that will be used, you need to determine the size of your storage box and you also need to be sure about the function. Determining the function will help you to measure the size easier.

If you think your storage bench will be used to place some large and heavy stuff like garden tools, the size of the box need to be big. The next step is to cut the material in order to adjust the measurement by using a saw, to create a bench-like design you also need to add a piece of material on the lid as the cover of your box. The cover will be your seat so your storage box will transform into the functional patio storage bench.

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