Storage Bench Seat As Garden Furniture

garden bench storage seat

Choosing the garden bench is an important part of the garden decoration. Besides functioning as the seat, this element can be a focal point on the overall design of the garden. As an alternative, you can choose storage bench seat for those needs. Choose the simple design yet blend with the decoration. Choosing furniture for outdoor spaces is not that hard if you have lots of references. Besides garden, it is also often placed on the patio. The main consideration in choosing outdoor bench is its material. Select materials that are not easily damaged by weather changes. Most people use the benches of wood, bamboo, metal, plastic and rattan. Each material requires the different treatment.


For bench of wood or metal, this should not be exposed to sunlight or rain directly. Do not choose the metal bench for outdoor needs since it is easy to rust if used for long periods without any finishing. Favorite material to storage bench seat is synthetic rattan. In some countries, this is more expensive than natural rattan. The advantage of this material is that it is resistant to water and moisture, supple, flexible, and its color and texture are almost identical to the original one. It looks very pretty and artistic if it is placed in the open areas.


For the model, you can choose the semicircular bench rattan that can be opened and closed as storage. Meanwhile for color, dark red on the pads will be in harmony with the white rattan. This bench design looks very dominant in the cold and dark open space. To bring the natural shades, use pastel colors or beige for storage bench seat. It will be the most comfortable bench for lazing in the garden while reading a book and enjoying the evening air. In addition, it is also suitable to be placed on the edge of the pool.

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