The Kinds Of Upholstered Storage Bench

blue upholstered storage bench

Having the couch or bench as one of the main furniture in the home is a must. There are many types and modifications of couch on the market. One of them is upholstered storage bench. It has a unique and eccentric design, so it will be the great focal point in your home. Since this is multifunctional furniture, you should put it in rooms that require storage space such as bedroom, home office or entrance area. However, the point that will be discussed this time is about upholstery. There are some materials that are often used as upholstery for couch and storage bench. The first is the soft and lightweight cotton material.


Cotton upholstery is the favorite choice as it not only comfortable when in use, but also affordable. The second is the polyester material. If you use this material for upholstered storage bench, make sure it is not exposed to water. Therefore, the best method in cleaning it is by dry cleaning. The third is silk. Actually, silk upholstery is very rarely used, except for those of you who want the luxurious and exclusive look. Just like polyester, you are also recommended to apply the dry cleaning method for cleaning upholstery from silk and wool.


Fourth is leather. If you choose this material, do not place it in the open area as this should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Besides, avoid to put leather storage bench adjacent to the radiator, as it can cause make the leather dry and chapped. You need to know that sweat can cause stains in your upholstered storage bench. To clean it, use the damp cloth and rub it on the area that is exposed to the touch of a hand, finger or head. Do not clean leather upholstery by chemical cleaning agents because this will fade the color and texture of the material.

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