Minimalist Entryway Bench With Storage Ideas

metal entryway storage bench with coat rack

Some of you may be confused in determining the appropriate materials for entryway bench with storage. You do not need to worry about that since now there are many choices of materials that can be selected based on your needs and tastes. If most people choose wood as the main material for storage bench, you can modify it with other materials such as metal or steel. It is preferred because it is superior in terms of strength and durability than the other materials like plastic or glass. However, if you use the combination of these materials, you need to understand how to maintain and clean it properly.


The main problem that often occurs in metal furniture is rusty. It is usually triggered by the changes in temperature and weather. In addition, the water splashes continuously can also cause the rust. Therefore, you need to prevent it by painting the whole surface of the metal entryway bench with storageby the metal paint or special protective anti-rust. Some people may choose to repaint it when find rusty entryway bench. In fact, this method is not exactly right as painting without cleaning rust will only disguise the appearance of rust. Therefore, you must clean it by chipping the rust or spraying a special liquid that can soften the rust.


After the rust is chipped perfectly, you can repaint the furniture surface. Another part that requires special attention is the pads on storage bench. The most important thing is to clean the upholstery. You are even suggested to replace the cover on the entryway bench with storage at least once in five years. Basically, there are two types of cover for storage bench; permanent cover and the removable cover. To clean the permanent cover, you can use the vacuum cleaner once a week on the regular basis. In addition, you should use natural elements to clean stains and dirt such as vinegar or lemon.

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