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In this modern era, it seems that every thing be created to be modern, as one of the example is in furniture sector, nowadays, most of the furniture maker and furniture designer try to crack their brain to create some kinds of furniture designs which looks modern. As we know, there are many kinds of furniture, such as living room furniture , bedroom furniture kitchen furniture and many more. To limit them, let’s discuss only about kitchen furniture. One of the kitchen furniture is the cabinetry, and this is an example of the kitchen cabinetry; modern kitchen cabinet. See? Even the modernity now have touched the furniture for kitchen.

The question is, how is the modern cabinet for kitchen looks like? and what are the differences with the non modern or classic model of kitchen cabinet? Well, actually, there are some the contrast differences which can be seen easily between those two kinds of kitchen cabinets. As the time of appearance, the modern kitchen cabinet appear more lately that the classic one which is already exist since several years ago. Beside the time of the launch, the other differences are in designs and materials that be used to make them.

You can easily see the differences of the classic kitchen cabinet with the modern one, the design of the classic kitchen cabinet commonly looks so old calm classic and formal, sometimes be signaled with the shaving decorated on the edge yet for the modern kitchen cabinets of course look more modern commonly be signal with the minimalist design or colors or other things that make those kitchen cabinetry look modern. The last is from the materials, the modern kitchen cabinet commonly be made from the more various materials then the classic one which is commonly be created from any kinds of wooden.

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