Bamboo Flooring Bathroom

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Bamboo flooring must be one of the new concept which you plan to apply, isn’t it? Well, if you plan to apply it perfectly then you should to know about the bamboo first. If you totally understand about the characteristic of bamboo, it will easy for you to apply it. Bamboo has a unique characteristic than a usual wood. That is one of things you should learn it more, fellas. Since it is not a usual wood, so should know how to keep it in good condition. Good condition of raw materials is totally affected to the quality of flooring. It must be dangerous to apply or maintained as house flooring.


We can learn so much things from the basic knowledge, such as the characteristic of bamboo, how big the space that you want to apply with, and so on. It is definitely help you when you start to apply the bamboo flooring. Bamboo is more special than wood. It should be attention more than usual. In some reason, we should dry the bamboo in order to make it strong and great. If the green bamboo is used (the bamboo without drying it first), it will spoil around your house. This is waste your money indeed.


Before you finish all the flooring, it is better if you can paint or make a decoration. So, it makes your new floor concept great. You may also leave it without any paint on it. It will make It is natural and precious too. You may also find another way to decorate your new floor. Varnish it, right after it finish perhaps. The varnish will keep it prima and great look. Bamboo makes your house neither natural nor old fashion. This is the best mix and match between traditional with modern, indeed. Try the bamboo flooring now and see how it works.