Reclaimed Wood Flooring Ideas

reclaimed wood flooring oak

Wood flooring may be one of your considerations in building a house, and it is obviously one of common materials for floor. Reclaimed wood flooring could be a great preference for you who want to install cheap and artistic floor. Indeed, if you are looking for cheap floor reclaimed wood can be the answer, because it is definitely cheap. Many furniture stores or online shops offer this kind of floor, because nowadays, this kind of floor becomes famous, because many people looked for cheap floor that they could install as their floor. Indeed, it is from scrap woods that have been used for a certain function.


You actually could make your own floor by creating it from the scrap woods. You should not purchase the reclaimed wood flooring, because you could actually make it by yourself. First, you should find where the reclaimed woods are. You could get from your old barns, your friends, or acquaintances. After that, you have to make sure that you get the wood which is still strong enough for your house floor. Then you could cut them in a certain size, and make it neat. After that, you have to polish that with a kind of sandpaper to make it smooth. It is quite difficult, but you should work hard for this. Then, you can start to install it in your house.


In installing them, you need to pay attention of its nail. Strong and tacky nails are all you need, because the wood needs to be held strongly to avoid the dislodging. Then, you have to ensure that the floor is in the same level (flat). After that, you could paint it or furnish it with your own taste. It is pretty easy, right? With the reclaimed wood flooring, you could save much money, especially if you could install it by yourself.

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